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Dear CXO: Will you: a) leverage disruption; b) wait for an uninspired employee to jump & do it; or c) let a competitor do it? It’s coming! #NoPressure More on Disruption

21st October 2016

Valuation & Investment fundamentals for startups

20th October 2016 in Disruption, Entrepreneur, Innovation, Marketing, Podcast, Social, Startup

Apple, Failure, Obama, A.I., Productivity & Long-term thinking?

The #Disruptive #Entrepreneur weekly News is live! #Apple #Fail #Obama #AI #Startupshttps://t.co/AFd4RMjSa6 — altepper (@altepper) October 20, 2016   Apple, Failure, Obama, A.I., Productivity & Long-term thinking? All these topics…

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7th October 2016 in Innovation, Marketing, Social

Social media is not broadcast media

I have noticed a worrying trend. Businesses broadcasting messages over social media. Offering zero engagement. Minimal listening ie looking for problems only. Automating tweets. Being a bot not a human….

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26th July 2016 in Gaming, Innovation, Marketing, Sales, Social

Pokemon Go means business: why B2B needs to get its game face on

Pokemon Go signals the mainstream arrival of augmented reality (AR). From here on in, virtual reality (VR) will always be the poorer cousin – or bridesmaid if you will, and…

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26th September 2015 in Marketing, Social

Social ≠ caring

Just because a brand is active on social doesn’t mean it cares about it’s customers. Caring requires advocating on their behalf. Putting the customer before the brand itself. Caring is sharing…

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