Pokemon Go means business: why B2B needs to get its game face on

aaeaaqaaaaaaaaklaaaajde1zte2ogm1ltjhntgtngm3ny1indg5lthmodblmtkzmzg5nwPokemon Go signals the mainstream arrival of augmented reality (AR). From here on in, virtual reality (VR) will always be the poorer cousin – or bridesmaid if you will, and never the bride – in the fight for digital’s push out through the screen into reality.

This new (albeit long-pending) medium of AR will have a huge impact on local and B2C advertising. In fact you might argue it already has, adding billions to the valuation of Nintendo after just a week since Pokemon Go launched – a truly remarkable week.

So how and why will this new AR development have an impact on B2B and the enterprise?

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