Apple, Failure, Obama, A.I., Productivity & Long-term thinking?

Apple, Failure, Obama, A.I., Productivity & Long-term thinking?

All these topics and more are covered in this week’s show plus read the show notes below.


This weeks ‘Disruptive Entrepreneur’ Weekly News Show notes:

The Kipling and Kirby Ventures Disruptive Entrepreneur Series Episode #28 Weekly News 19th October 2016

In today’s show Al and Simon cover:
  • What’s happening in the Kipling and Kirby Ventures world
  • News from the web

Simon’s final thought:

‘Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines’ – Robert H Schuller
Links not used

Marketeers need to be thinking long term relationship


Note: Each week, Kipling & Kirby Ventures, the Startup Incubator that TepFu founder Al Tepper co-founded with Simon Barry, publishes a podcast (The Disruptive Entrepreneur) and currently we have two parts each week: The Weekly News & The Building Your Business Series. We will post the show notes after each show in iTunes of course but I shall also publish them here. Do listen and subscribe. It’s cracking value.



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