People always ask us what on earth we mean by Disruption.

The very word disrupts.

Why, they say, would any business encourage disruption? After all disruption is a negative experience right? Destructive by nature. To be avoided at all costs.

Well. We explain that every business model regardless of brilliant brand and marvellous marketing strategy is ripe for disruption.

It’s the core business model you see. The more defined it is. The more easily it can be disrupted.

No more than now thanks to the amazing ability to leverage technology.

That it isn’t a choice between disruption or no disruption. That disruption to your business model is therefore inevitable.

The question is: where from and by what means will your business model be disrupted?

Will it be a competitor that disrupts you?

Perhaps it will be an uninspired member of staff who leaves and disrupts you?

If all the above is true, and it so is, then the only logical answer is to get busy enabling your business to disrupt itself.

TepFu can help.

We can disrupt you.

We can coach your executive leadership in disruption methodology.

We can activate your staff to become intrapreneurs.

We can help you enter a permanent and ongoing state of disruption.

So when will you start disrupting your business?


  • Disruption strategy
  • Disruption coaching
  • Disruption facilitation
  • Intrapreneurship strategy
  • Intrapreneurship coaching
  • Intrapreneurship management
  • Disruption analytics

To paraphrase the profound words of the Shawshank Redemption: you’re either busy disrupting, or you’re busy dying. Which do you choose? We’d love to hear either way.