Amazing brand, brilliant marketing plan and you even have your twitter account set up. Way better than most.


You can establish a real disruptive competitive advantage using your awesome brand and marketing strategy giving voice to your authentic thought-leadership in your space.

Across any and all relevant channels: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, Whatsapp etc.

There is nothing as powerful as social media to help you do that.

Where to begin though? The biggest reasons companies don’t full engage and leverage social media is because they don’t know why, how, where and what.

TepFu does know why, how, where and what and you’d be amazed at how simple if all becomes with the right strategy and coaching.

Before you know it, you, your exec team, your staff and even your customer champions are fantastic ambassadors for your brand, your services and your products.

Or you can just do sales and marketing the old-fashioned way.

But play the table: what will your competitors be doing?


  • Socal media audit,
  • Social media coaching
  • Social media strategy
  • Social media amplification
  • Social media augmentation
  • Social media footprint growth
  • Social media process excellence
  • Social media management
  • Social media analytics
  • Social media automation

The first rule of Fight Club may well be that nobody talks about fight club. But your business is not Fight Club. And if you want people talking about your business then your business needs to lead by example.

Don’t run Fight Club. Run your business. Activate your social amplification today.