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TepFu Content Gym Part 1 – The Six Content Cons

Are you working out hard enough? 

Now I’m not talking about your abs. I’m talking about how often you go to the content gym? 

Welcome to a brand new, exclusive series from TepFu it has four parts, but there’s also a fifth part but you’ll find out how to get access to that as we go. 

The first part of the TepFu content gym is going to cover today the six content cons. 

Next week we’re going to cover the five content amplifier strategies. 

The week after that, week three, we’re going to cover the five content muscles. 

And in week four we’re going to cover the six content genres. 

Now I mentioned there is a fifth part to this series, called the eight content sources, but you can only get there in our free marketing help group on Facebook, it’s totally free, and it’s marketing and it’s help, we’ll post the details in the comments below. 

Today I want to cover the first part of the content gym, which is the six content cons. 

Now these content cons are not cons in the sense of a confidence trick, there’s nothing negative about them. But they all start with the letters CON, clever. 

The first content con that you have to absolutely work out in the content gym is context.

It’s vital that you get context at the core of everything you do with regard to content, because the right content in the wrong context is useless. 

Context is all about the who, the what, the where, and the how and the why. 

It’s all about making sure that you get the right content to the right people at the right time in the right format. 

You’ve got to have a very good handle, and if you’re a smaller business just pick one context. It could be content on Facebook in video form every day about a specific topic – that’s fine, it could be as simple as that. If you’re a bigger business and you can create more context through which to channel content, great. 

The second con is consistency. 

Once you know your context you’ve got to do it regularly.
You have to do this because familiarity breeds the third content con which is confidence

The third content con is confidence. 

Because when people see you lots;
When they see you all around the place;
When they see your brand everywhere;
When they get to know your brand;
They get to like your brand;
They get to truly understand your brand

Then next content con comes into play. 

The fourth content con is connections

That you create connections;
Both emotional connections for them;
Logical connections for them;
But actual connections. 

They like your page; 

They like a bit of content;
They post a comment;
They send you a message;
Connections start to happen. 

That leads on to the next content con which is conversations. 

The fifth content con is conversations

Once you’ve got the context right, you’re consistent, and they’re confident in you, plus you’re creating connections with your audience, what’s gonna happen next? 

A conversation in one form or another. 

It may be in the comments, it may be in a direct message, it could be they might call, they may send an email, whatever it is that conversation is the first wonderful touch point in that relationship where there’s back-and-forth. Where all of the effort you’ve done has resulted in that initial conversation which is so valuable. 

Because even if they don’t turn into a customer you’re deepening that relationship, they may know someone else who should be a customer, they start to become part of your fan base potentially, they may start to shout about you and share your content even if they never become a customer. 

So that conversation layer is so important and then of course what’s the end game of everything? 

And what comes after conversations? 

What’s the last of the six content cons? 

After conversation, is conversion. 

The sixth content con is conversion

It’s really simple because you cannot have conversions without conversations. 

Even if you’re an e-commerce retailer that never speaks to its customers, you’re still having a conversation via your website, via your basket and sometimes people leave those conversations, they walk away and we call it basket drop-off, but it’s a conversation nonetheless, and it just is a failed conversation. 

Let’s just recap those. 

  1. Context 
  2. Consistency 
  3. Confidence 
  4. Connections 
  5. Conversations 
  6. Conversions 

You’ve got to nail that and if you’re very clever you might have even realised that you can’t move from conversation to conversion without the letters AT, which is a lovely little easter egg isn’t it, because my initials are AT. So I always say that I put the AT into conversions to create conversations in the first place. 

If you need free help do get in touch, we’ve got a free marketing help group where you can get access to the eight content sources via that group, we’ll post the link below. 

Please comment below and let us know your thoughts on which of those six content cons are most valuable to you; context, consistency, confidence, connections, conversations and conversions. And don’t just jump on conversions because without the other five, there are no conversions at all.