With 20+ years of marketing leadership experience TepFu Founder, Al Tepper, delights in sharing his marketing knowledge to help business leaders take control, do less and make more money for their businesses.

We run a variety of events all year round; from masterclasses on using LinkedIn to grow your business; to mastering the conversation on Social Media for your business; to our flagship Marketing Leadership masterclass turning Business Leaders into the Marketing Leaders to take their business forward. Here are the latest links to the events we are running. Do book on asap. Or get in touch for a more bespoke corporate experience.

Marketing Leadership for Senior Business Leaders – CHECK AVAILABILITY

Many business owners, founders, directors and leaders responsible for marketing have no coaching or mentoring on how to be a Marketing Leader in the business.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

If the above sounds like you, then getting experienced support to ensure you deliver the best results for your business is a no-brainer. Not just a certification, but real-world, commercially-astute, marketing reality.

And now 12 business leaders can take a massive jump forwards on that journey in one amazing day.

“It goes without saying that I am indebted to you for your input to the brand over the last year as well as your contributions towards my own development and understanding from a marketing point of view.” Senior Partner in a multi-partner, multi-site Law Firm

Marketing is about enabling a business to have conversations with prospects that turn into clients.

Senior business leaders need to therefore become and stay masters of the digital conversation.

During this one day masterclass we will show you everything we believe you need to massively take your marketing forwards including these fifteen amazing HOW TO’s:

  1. Save money and lower your cost of customer acquisition.
  2. Make your marketing more impactful to existing clients and prospects.
  3. Ensure your Return On Investment for any marketing spend will go up.
  4. Prevent anyone selling you the wrong product or service just to suit their targets.
  5. Build your brand story to really get your team and prospects excited and evangelising.
  6. Craft the ideal marketing strategy to suit your business budget and resources and your prospects.
  7. Create the right structure and planning to be able to execute your marketing strategy.
  8. Blend social media into your marketing activities to fully leverage your content and people assets.
  9. Use our Brand Pyramid methodology enabling you to tell and retell your brand story.
  10. Write amazing and inspiring copy to communicate benefits, outcomes and win over your market.
  11. Create the ideal Strapline, USP and WOW statements to really excite your audience.
  12. Convert your content core into an impactful content marketing strategy.
  13. Decide which channels will suit your marketing and budgets best.
  14. Plan for and manage the execution to ensure success in your marketing.
  15. Smash it on social media to really differentiate your business from others


1) Every ticket bought includes a zoom call to finesse your story, strategy and structure after the actual day.

VALUE: We want you to leave you ready to progress

2) Exclusive membership of our private Marketing Leadership Masterclass Facebook group to allow the the learning and peer review to continue after the day.

VALUE: We want to support you as you progress

3) When you launch your brand story TepFu will amplify it across our social channels to all our networks.

VALUE: We want to shout about your progress